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Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Sunday night a number of Hollywood stars strutted their best frocks down the red carpet at the Theatre in Los Angeles, California. The 43rd annual American Music Awards red carpet showcases a number of styles from sparkling gowns, floral, bold block styles and the general revealing cut-outs. However, these would be a few of my favourite this year:

1) Ciara in Reem Acra 

    2) Followed by Tyrese Gibson and his daughter Shayla     Gibson(#supercute)

     3) Serayah McNeill 

     4) Gigi Hadid in Bao Tranchi 

Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Loving these looks from Hong Kong Fashion Week. A combinations of Western Australian designers. Dresses by AVA, Hats by Holly Barker Millinery and shoes by Vangoh Shoes.

Tuesday, 6 January 2015

It's a little staggering to think Jourdan Dunn is the first solo black model to make it onto the cover of Vogue in 12 Years! Especially, when we have a number of beautiful black models such as Damaris Lewis, Arlenis Soso Pena and so forth. Dunn, outspoken on the issues on racial discrimination seems rather proud of her recent achievement! And she should be as this forms a part of Vogue history and promotes equal opportunity for all races and maybe will promote more versatility in the modeling industry.  #2015YearOfTheDunn #BritishVogue

Saturday, 22 November 2014

Sorry I have been quite lately but I’ve unfortunately I’ve been a little occupied with exams these past couple of weeks. However, they finally finish on Monday and therefore; I will be catching up with post.

First off, photos of my Melbourne cup event dress which I had worn. I was lucky enough to attend the Melbourne Cup Event at MatisseBeach Club representing Vangoh Shoes. Here is my beautiful outfit wearing Vangoh Shoes and Jonte Dress.

Photographer: Vangoh Creatives

Hair and Makeup: Christina Rodio Makeup Artist 
Wearing: Jonte 

Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Regardless of the reasoning, having fine hair is frustrating and a complicated relationship, which always requires work. As the number one hair concerns which I personally experience it is vital to seek hair products, which prevent unnecessary loss. However, when you find a product that not only prevents hair loss but also encourages and stimulates hair growth you have the perfect romance. And for me I started a brand new romance 2 weeks ago with L’Oreal Serioxyl kit for coloured hair which included:

Serioxyl Clarifying Shampoo
Serioxyl Bodifying Conditioner

Serioxyl Densifying Mousse

All wonderful hair products, which have been incredibly faithful to me in a short period. The better thing is that they are made for colour hair...For people in the same boat as me with coloured fine hair the worst thing is getting a product which strips your hair colour and watching the money you spent wash down the drain.

The love triangle between the 3 products is the perfect combination with individual characteristics that have a common purpose, increasing hair stimulation and to make you look fabulous!

I personally, love the shampoo because I think it is the base for achieving incredible looking hair. Like makeup, if you do not have a good primer either you find your face deteriorating over time or you do not reach the result anticipated and have to start from the beginning. For me not to have a good shampoo I find myself shampooing more regularly (which isn’t good for hair growth) and overtime I’ll find my hair not reaching my anticipated results of plumped clean hair.  This shampoo leaves my hair feeling fuller and thicker whilst retaining my bronde hair colour and since using this product I find myself only needing to wash my hair every 2-3 days which is a good result.  
In terms of the conditioner, I have found it to be a perfect balance because I want to condition my hair but I am not a huge fan on oily conditions, which leave your hair feeling flat. Rather this conditioner leaves my ends feeling soft and conditioned while remaining a balanced plumped style. In comparison to other conditioners I do not find my ends losing the fuller and thicker look rather remaining a healthy style throughout the day.

Thirdly, the mouse which was something new to me and I could not compare it to other products but I will let you know it is the genius in this relationship! Applying this moose was a simple as squeezing a small amount onto my roots of towel-dried hair and dispersing it through my length and ends...the results is volume and having a boosting effect for perfectly balanced hair.

I do use this combination with the Serioxyl Denser Hair Serum (which I will provide a separate review). However, within two weeks of using these fabulous products I feel like a new woman having continues volume. I have personally noticed a number of new hairs growing which is a good result since during the colder months of blow-drying my hair I needed something that not only prevents hair loss but stimulates hair growth which is evident lately!

I must acknowledge that since Jts Ladies and Mens Hairstylist have taken care of my hair I have had incredible results. I look back at photos prior and my gosh, I do not understand what I was thinking! My hair is healthier and longer than ever and what it took was a good hair salon and the right products. 

Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Last week Tirta Rahmawati from Batik Batik Australia flew into Perth to showcase her designs at GAYANA.  In collaboration with Vangoh Shoes she relaunched her brand at Curtin University as part of PPIA Indonesian Cultural Event.  Not only did I have the opportunity to meet the beautiful Tirta for coffee at Koko Black but I had the time to speak to her about her designs.

BFB: Could you tell us a little about yourself?
Tirta: My life is one big adventure and I love exploring new things. Although I have a few passions like fashion, batik and coffee I always set sight on discovering whatever the road leads me. I do what is in line with my value, that is what makes me truly happy. I love working with people, and I come from a closely-knit family. And I am currently embracing Melbourne’s culture and life.

BFB: Where are you from? And where are you based?
Tirta: I’m from Indonesia but currently I’m based in Melbourne, Australia

BFB: How did you get involved to create Batik art? And what inspired you?
Tirta: Batik is part of my heritage. It’s a huge element in a lot of celebrations and part of the very core of our culture. So growing up in a place where this beautiful textile art has evolved made me want to get more involved in the process and translating it into fashion and showcase it to the world.

BFB: Could you let us know about Batik and the two methods of creating it?
Tirta: There are a lot of Batiks around the world, from China, Japan, Malaysia and even Africa. But the Indonesian Batik is renowned for the very process of how it is made. When you create a Batik fabric, you use a technique of applying wax to a cloth before having it dyed. And the wax is applied by hand with a tool that is called Tulis which looks like a pen that you use to create or trace out different patterns. Another technique used is the Batik Cap, which is a stamp with designs that form a pattern on the fabric.  The whole Batik process is very intricate and requires attention to detail from the artisans.

BFB: Which method do you use on your designs, Cap or/and Tulis? And why?
Tirta: We use both in our designs. Although both are made by hand, I appreciate the ones made from the Batik Tulis because it takes a lot of patience and skill to come out with the most beautiful designs.

BFB: Batik is usually applied on cotton or silk Batik fabrics which type do you have the tenancy to use?
Tirta: In our designs, I like to use cotton since it’s cool and breezy.

BFB: On average how long does one item take to make?
Tirta: Usually intakes about 3 to 4 weeks to create a dress. Like for example the Lestari Dress from Spring 2014. Someone had it custom made for her size and it took us a month to create the dress. It also depends on the availability of the Batik fabric because they don’t usually have those mass produced which makes it more special. To make the Batik fabric itself takes 2 months or more to produce.

BFB: What do you love the most about making Batik? And what keeps you motivated to creating such individual “one of pieces”?
Tirta: I love that I get to translate these beautiful handmade fabrics into wearable pieces of Art. And the challenge of making the designs wearable for any season keeps me inspired on the creative process

How do you come up with the individual designs of Batik for your fabric? and do they motivate the actual design of the outfit? or do you have the designs already made up?
Tirta: My designers and I collaborate on what designs we want for each fabric. Sometimes we add a few fabrics to the Batik pieces and sometimes we even combine two or three Batik fabrics. The outcome will depend on the designs we envisioned, the overall theme of the collection and the availability of the Batiks we have on hand.

BFB: What type of person do you see wearing Batik Batik?
The person wearing Batik is free spirited, a Bohemian Chic but can translate herself elegantly. Most importantly it takes a bold woman to be wearing Batik. So she should love THAT part of her personality.

What has been your biggest achievement?
I feel grateful when someone outside Australia and Indonesia gets to wear Batik Batik. But the biggest achievement is when someone gets back to you and says “I love your dress!.”

BFB: What are your future plans and goals for Batik Batik?
I want Batik Batik to reach out to a bigger audience. That’s why I’m planning to come out with a wider range of sizes too. The initial collections were catered to a niche market with limited sizes which seemed to be really an “investment" for most of our clients. Which is why we’re making the prices more attractive to those who really aspire for these beautiful creations.


Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Photographer: Elliot Ichiro
Model: Bolushe Fashion Blogger
Dress: Janin Australia
Shoes: Vangoh Shoes
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