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Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Interview with Jennifer Gaye from NecArt

Art and designs were more closely tied in the twentieth century than the presents. However, when you come across a combination you can only stop to admire. More recently I was browsing the internet when I came across NecArT which is a visual and wearable art form, which creates interest and discussion for the wearer and their viewer. I was lucky enough to speak with the amazing designer Jennifer Gaye and here is what she had to say.

BFB: NecArT is a visual and wearable art form to accessorize, could you elaborate on how your work is individual and incorporates art to make such a unique work?

Jennifer: NecArT is a visual and wearable art form, to create interest and discussion for the wearer and the viewer. Hand crafted using mixed media, with similar techniques and concepts that are used when I create my textile Artworks. Each piece telling a story that can be accessorised together from one collection to the next. To complement each hand designed and created piece, NecArT has worked in with a talented wood turner, using some hand chosen  Australian woods,  offering grains that vary from piece to piece, adding a warmth and natural texture to compliment the collectable NecArT collection.

BFB: How did you start NecArT?

Jennifer: NecArT was something I originally created for myself, using a collage of textiles and other items I adore and love. From wearing I would always have friends and clients comment and ask when I would be making these pieces for sale. Hence the birth of NecArT

BFB:  Have you always been so creative, or did you wake up one morning as an artist/fashion designer?                                            
Jennifer: Creative from the beginning I'm afraid...     
BFB: What inspires you and your creations?
Jennifer: Everything inspires me, colour, texture, feelings, emotion’s, the whole design process. Sometimes ideas come in the middle of the night, and not just for NecArT. I used to get up for them and start creating there and then, but these days I know it can wait. I am a very visual person so I see art and design everywhere...whether it is for the wall, what I choose to wear, to how I want to see objects placed in my home. Everything has a place, and everything once placed in a balanced form, is art.” 

BFB:  Where do you work from, and what helps motive you?          
Jennifer: I work from a home studio, and drive motivates me. I don't really need motivating, as along with my family, my work is what I like to do for both business and pleasure. I look forward to the next day when I can start a new idea, project or work on current ideas. When I talk about being creative, that creativity is spread between NecArT, my textile art, and my textile agency (supply and consulting). All aspects of my work, compliment one another.”          
BFB:  What did you do professionally before NecArT and  what is the highlight of your career?
Jennifer: Before NecArT, my career after studying fashion/textiles and, design, began as a designer/pattern-maker in a time of great fashion wealth. CAD with design and production processes kept my interest, but a desire to create my own designs saw in 2000 my young label winning ‘Designer of the year’. After establishing local and off shore buyers, I took time out for family, which began a move from body to canvas, experimenting with textiles and mixed media, resulting in commissions, exhibitions, and some artist-in-residencies. There have been many other projects, all related in some way. Then four years ago I established Jennifer Gaye agencies, from which came many projects including an invitation into the ‘BANSHU FASHION TEXTILE PROGRAM’ leading to consulting for Japan. 
I work between my Textile Art commissions, Jennifer Gaye agencies, and most recently, NecArT, which combines, both loves, of Art and Fashion. Always a project, my industry passion and its future to sustain, hand produced, art inspired, boutique label design, keeps the drive and the need to share my love, knowledge and experience.”

BFB:  What can we expect to see from you in the future?

Jennifer: I usually take on a new story that I want to tell and express. NecArT’s future is one of expression and sharing, with new pieces designed and added that can be accessorized together from one collection to the next. I am working on some new pieces at the moment, which I can’t wait to share and wear with those that appreciate my ideas. NecArT isn’t about following, trends; for me NecArT should be able to translate from here, to now, and into the future. NecArT should be a collectable item, hence one of art and form.   


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