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Saturday, 13 July 2013

Rebecca Nasiriy Eyebrow Specialist Interview

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Continuously, I see friends walking into the closest and cheapest beauty salon in order to get their eyebrows waxed, plucked or threaded. While I understand like others, the need to maintain our eyebrows I have witnessed their eyebrows slowly transforming into awkwardly shaped or becoming ridiculously to thin, that it’s my raised eyebrows (not for the right reasons).

According to Jack Black “we must never underestimate the power of the eyebrow.” This has led me to interview one of Perth’s well-known eyebrow Queens Rebecca Nasiriy Eyebrow Specialist. Rebecca does a number of Perth girl’s brows which leaves them looking fabulous and highlights their feminine power, leaving heads turning and notifications to be above your average. Rebecca has created a signature brow look whereby she sculptures eyebrows as they are the foundation of your facial expression so people see the emption you are portraying.

                                                           The beautiful Rebecca Nasiriy 

But it’s no surprise that she’s so good at what she does; it has been a burning ambition since she was a child and use to watch her Aunty who was a perfectionist create beauty and she has tried to achieve the same thing. When asked about which celebrity brows she follows it’s no shock she turns to Brooke Sheilds who has one of the most famous brows that prove bold, bushy brows are a long-standing beauty statement. Which Rebecca stated “Fashions will come and go but thick eyebrows will always stay…as they are the visual translation of our feelings.”

Brooke Sheilds

When I questioned her in regards to any events that we should be looking forward to she has nothing currently planned for the immediate future but apparently she will be planning some events which are yet to be announced. However, with her long term goals and some successful business planning she aspires to eventually own a series of salons and hopefully break into the overseas market with her own brand. With the rates she is going I’m sure she will have to expand soon enough to keep us with her client’s demands.

Four beauty products Rebecca uses are Estee Lauder double wear foundation, liquid liner from Napoleon, Channel pencil black eyeliner and brow zing (brow kit) from Benefits.

She has often found that over waxing can cause the eyebrows to thin after repeated waxing procedures. Rebecca has recommended that people who want to achieve a great brow should see an eyebrow specialist as a very small change will make a big difference and that they should be maintained every 4-5 weeks but this is depending on the growth rate of course.

Rebecca is located in Duncraig Perth and books out quickly so if you haven’t yet checked her out head over to her facebook or text her to make an appointment. All her details are located on her page and be sure to see the amazing transformations which has left a lot of ladies smiling.

Lastly a quote from Rebecca, “Treat people as you would like to be treated and live every day like it was your last.”

Until next time, BFB xxx

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