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Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Smiley Clothing Australia

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As a Perth blogger, I clearly love and support WA labels not only for women but for men. Therefore, it should be no surprise my recent obsession for Smiley Clothing Australia (SCA). SCA is a local Perth lifestyle brand which lives and breathes their motto “life is about smiling.” SCA is run by a number of extreme members who come from different areas of sports including climbers, Base Jumpers and wing suit jumpers (All up they sponsor a team of 8 which they are hoping to grow in the next 2 years). Not surprisingly they are all from the beautiful Perth which with the size of Perth it had left me curious on how they all got together. When speaking to Tony from SCA each member was found often over a cold beer (How Australian). Tony came from a long military background as a Paratrooper in the Australian Army and then he continued his career as a fire-fighter in WA which has contributed to his good relationship with his TEAM.

So here are 10 facts that make me a fan of Smiley Clothing Australia

1.They are Perth based; they are a non-sweat shop brand. They believe in supporting our community and keeping the design, manufacturing and materials sourced locally.

2. They promote a healthy lifestyle. They have developed a brand identity which represents the typical Australian with the “life is about smiling” approach. 

3.Every time you put on one of their clothing whether it be underwear or leisure wear, you will see their smiley face logo or their motto, life’s about smiling. Therefore, you will either consciously or subconsciously smile inside.

4. SCA prides themselves on their large range of high quality products that are colour fast fade resistant and well fitted.

5.They support local charities; they worked alongside Lifeline WA, at Big Day Out and WA Aids Council at Styleaid 2010, 2011 and are currently supporting Styleaid 2013.

6. They have a large number of stylish underwear and tees to keep the girls happy. I think the picture below clearly illustrates this.

7.Yes… they do sell ladies t-shirts in their shops but they will be releasing a full launch of underwear and T shirts online in 2014. They might even sneak in some ladies underwear before Christmas (fingers crossed )

8. Their TEAM loves the beauty of Perth which spreads out as it is 80 kms of beach which being isolated from the rest of the world they incorporates this within their designs. Their brand colour is ocean blue and white which identifies the relaxing ocean and breach sand lifestyle of Australia.

9. They are not seasonal driven. Though they use all elements of all seasons to make us feel great when wearing their quality clothes all year round.

10. They are affordable

So where can you get a hold of some of these for your partner or yourselves ladies!!! link is below

and follow them at

Keep smiling <3 BFB


1 comment:

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