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Saturday, 31 August 2013

Summer is coming!

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With summer around the corner most of us are excited to be spending our weekend at the beach while others are most likely panicking about winter fat.... but don’t worry this is very common and with a health cleanse and dedication you can start preparing your body without any starving or ridiculous diet.

Though I am not giving away any secrets today…. I have some excited news into who we will be interviewing this September which may assist you in your journey to gaining your bikini body back and how to choose the perfect swimwear.

Firstly, we will be speaking with KBoss who works with many models turning them from average beauties into beauty bombshells. If you’re having difficulty finding the perfect routine or motivation you are likely to pick up some good tips and hints. We will also touch on the controversial topic of models figures… are they too skinny or do they just live healthy lives.

Secondly, we have been speaking with founder and designer of Mijanou Swimwear, Karen Connell who is going to give some fashion tips in particular how to buy the perfect bikini.  We understand we have all got our individual body types with our strengths and weaknesses which make it important to learn how to make your worst assists into your best.

We are also in the process of contacting other businesses in Perth which can assist you in preparing for summer. Don’t get me wrong we should all be taking care of our bodies 365 days a year but sometimes the weather gets the best of us. Even I have given into this weakness which as a model can have detrimental results but this is normal and as I said previously with the right healthy lifestyle and dedication we become vibrant and healthy.

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