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Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Wedding Edition

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Recently, I’ve seen an increase in engagements in Perth and whether your wedding date is booked in six month or two years the planning process vital in order to make the date stress free.

With a number of friends always asking for recommendations I thought I would point some people within the right direction to save you time and money for quality work….and no I’m not a wedding planner but I’ve found myself working with a number of these professionals and I guess that’s why people have come to me previously. Rather than continuously emailing I thought give some feedback and tips in finding the perfect hair, makeup artist and photographers for your special day.  

Hair and Makeup

Firstly, I find a number of girls asking me “do you know any good makeup artist that are cheap” (Quality and Cheap …Remember you get what you pay for).  You can search gumtree and find the cheapest possible hair/makeup artist for your trial but you might find yourself in the searching process again or realising you can do your own makeup better than the professional. There is a significant different between wearing something that is rouge and falling face-down into a makeup kit.  

Hands down when you searching for both hair and makeup artist I must highly recommend this one power-couple who work together perfectly. These two take the bullsh*t away from those who tell you that your looking amazing when really that is just a lie. Not only do they have a good reputation for exceeding expectation these two work hand in hand with each other, the hair always compliments the makeup and vice versa. With each lady having skills in hair, makeup and much more you can’t go wrong!

So who are they, Joanne Banks and Vikki Aldridge.

Joanne has been a professional hair stylist and hair dresser for years which is clearly evident from her creativity and professionalism which separates her from others. I have been rather lucky to have worked with Joanne on a couple of occasions and know there is no hair she cannot do! And I’m sure she enjoys a challenge for those who think their hair isn’t good enough to have a particular style.

My hair is very fine and easily falls out which has always posed a difficultly and I must say there is very few hairstylist who have perfected my hair that I wish I had enough hair spray to keep it that way. Joanne is one of these professionals, she manages to always make my hair look spectacular with volume and it only falls out once I shower.

Not to mention Joanne is one of the funniest person you will ever meet which makes the room a rather enjoyable environment (no she doesn’t charge extra for the comedy show).
As for Vikki she is a woman with many talents she is a passionate and professional makeup artist with the extra talents of nails and hair which is always handy if you had a short cancellation or you want a super women. She always knows her stuff whether you want crazy makeup or natural she is honest to tell you what works and what does with your particular look so achieve the best quality style.

Here is some photos from the first time I worked with Jo modeling both her hair and makeup. These photos ended up getting published in elements magazine. 

I worked with Vikki at the Belvoir Wedding & Function Venue for their annual Wedding Open Day in which she done natural makeup on my skin and I looked flawless!!  I didn’t feel as if I was wearing any makeup and even after eating some tasteful pumpkin soup my makeup didn’t need touching up which was a huge surprise because I never fail to mess up my makeup after eating.

There was also some talk that one of Vikki’s clients keeping their makeup on till the day after and without doubt I actually wanted to test this for myself. For a girl who models and is funny about seeing myself in the mirror regardless of circumstances I looked flawless the next morning. So ladies who want to not only look good at your wedding but flawless the morning after, look no further!

Both these ladies are very professional and I could not preach enough that you are getting more than your money’s worth with these two miracle workers.
 Picture Above: Hair and Makeup by 
Joanne Banks and Vikki Aldridge wearing 
a beautiful Schofield Desgin Gown.


For the past six months I have found myself following photographer Hazel Buckley photography not only for her social photography I always see in the photo but there is something in her wedding photography that I have found myself obsessed with. Many photographers specialize in one area however I find Hazel’s work versatile and adaptable!!

Don’t get me wrong but there is a lot of talent in Perth for any occasion but you should always do your research when it comes to weddings to find professionals who do not only display quality in their work but are reliable to meet your dream expectations!!

xx BFB 

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