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Thursday, 15 August 2013

Yan Zion

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I remember a few years ago while holding a donut in one hand and a coffee in the other, my mother and I were walking around admiring all the creative designs at Urban Couture. This was the first time but not the last that I became acquainted with the sophisticated, adventurous and very unique designs of Yan Zion. It was not until the other day that I was fortunate enough to meet the beautiful designer herself.

As her sister would accurately describe her label it is “creative, dynamic and evolving.” Though Yan launched her label in 2013, she had always had the passion within her to design. When Yan was a little girl her mother sewed for practical reasons (Yan is one of six children). Eventually, when Yan was old enough, her mother would give Yan a go with over locking, which then led her to experimenting with her mum’s fabrics.  Her mother (an expert at cost saving) wasn’t too happy at the time because in her eyes she felt that Yan was wasting her fabric. With Yan being adventurous with creating, this led to many arguments with her mum. As a rebellious little girl Yan would reply to her mum, “if I don’t make mistakes how will I learn?” Since then Yan has graduated from Central Institute of Technology and Curtin University of Technology both in fashion and textiles.

From seeing Yan’s designs at Urban Couture it was inevitable that she has a natural talent. In more recent years she has created a name for herself. She has won the “emerging designer” category in the Banshu Textile Program, which allowed her, along with two “graduate designers” and international brand Aurelio Costarella to travel to Japan and collaborate with high-end fabric manufacturers. From this experience, she was given the opportunity to collaborate with the Ozawa Textile Company to design her own fabrics. Her collections featuring her fabric designs will be showcased at Perth Fashion Festival (PFF) this year.

Yan was kind enough to give me some insight into what we would be expecting to see from her latest autumn/winter collection which is meant to be black and white with doses of graphic prints, also featuring Banshu fabrics. I am eager to see how her stick figure designs become alive on the runway and in boutiques.

So finally, here are some of Yan’s responses to some of the questions I asked her.

What is the highlight of your career:
My highlight was being part of the Banshu program and having my designs stocked in CleaR Couture in North Perth. Which also stocks a number of Couture Australian Designers

What collaborations have you participated in?
From the Banshu program, I have collaborated with the Ozawa Textile Company who produces high-end fabrics for prestigious European fashion houses like Louis Vuitton and Chanel. I have found this journey educational and valuable. They have assisted me in creating the textiles for my collection.

If you could collaborate with a designer of choice who would it be?
Philip Treacy for his highly imaginative and outlandish headwear.

Which designer/designers inspire you?
I am currently inspired by designer Iris van Herpen which his work is very conceptual and a must look.
What advice would you give for someone who wants to begin designing?
Be passionate about what you do and keep exploring but prepare to work hard to achieve success.

A Yan Zion woman is…?
Confident and unique. Someone who wants to stand out from the rest.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years time?
I would love to be able to expand and have my own Yan Zion boutique one day. However, I will take one step at a time and maybe one day I might even do menswear.

I hope that has given everyone a little more insight into the woman behind the Yan Zion label and you can access her pages below.

 If you are free, come along and watch Yan Zion’s creations at one of these shows during the Perth Fashion Festival.

Banshu Retrospective Show: 13 September 2013, 11am, Fashion Central @ Forrest Place.

WA Designer Collections: 13 September 2013, 6:30pm, WA Museum.

Curtin 10 Year Anniversary: 15 September, 3pm, Fashion Central @ Forrest Place.

For more details visit: 

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