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Saturday, 19 October 2013

Interview with KBoss

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Like most of us trying to attend to our body as the weather heats up and we can no longer hide our winter fat. However, you’re not likely to get the quickest or best result from typing in your search engine “quick diet plans” or “getting into your pants by Friday.” And I’m sure most of us would have experienced walking into a supplement store only to leave with our wallets empty and a bunch of supplements for trial and error. I highly recommend if you’re serious about getting healthy and having someone point you in the right direction try KBoss.

Several weeks ago I met with co-owner of KBoss, Mr Kim Barrett. Kim and his brother Jason both have an enormous passion for fitness and having a healthy lifestyle. They understand the frustration associated with maintaining a healthy image which can be pricey experience especially for those who haven’t got much knowledge or understanding. Their philosophy is to provide quality products for great value while offering education and assistance in pointing you in the right direction. They are on a mission to educate the people of Perth on the use of nutrition in achieving your personal goals.

What divides KBoss from other companies is that they are an independent business… what this means is they are not contracted to sell you a particular product because it met sales margins. They only sell products that they have tried themselves to check the quality and products that are at an affordable price. Though it doesn’t stop here…KBoss is not just about providing you a place to buy quality products for a great price but providing education to all clients. You can contract KBoss to arrange a consultation to discuss your goals and any questions you have regarding nutrition, they are sure to execute many old wives tales and help you face the facts. A consultation will allow them to educate you on how to go about achieving your goals and make supplement recommendations based on your personal circumstances. They also educate particular training methods for the gym or recommend you to a qualified personal trainer.  

With the weather heating up we asked how they would recommend losing winter fat and what tips they would give in maintaining our bodies all year round. KBoss believes a healthy image is a healthy mind set. They recommended weight resistance training which you can do all year round. Let me clarify at this stage weight resistance training is the use of resistance to muscular contraction that builds the strength, anaerobic endurance and size of skeletal muscles. This training in combination with a healthy and balanced diet is not going to make you bulk on weight. A healthy diet is vital in achieving in maintaining these goals and for those people who are on the run KBoss recommends planning ahead. It is all about preparing your meals in advance. For example juicing is a healthy option they recommend which can easily be stored away in the fridge if you make several juices on the one occasion. There are also drinks you can stir up with some protein if your running late and have little to no time.

You may actually recognise KBoss from not only educating and providing quality products to the people of Perth but for sponsoring several athletes including body builders, figure comps and models. When you look at some of these beautiful people KBoss is working with such as Ashleigh Jade who won International Lingerie Model of the Year 2012 and Katie Sparks who is a bikini and fitness competitor, we want to know how. Apparently, they don’t want to take full credit because these girls are personally motivated and put in the hard work to get them looking the way they are. KBoss provides them with supplements and nutritional advice that works with their exercise plan and goals. Though Kim suggest if you want an exercise routine to get you that Victoria Secrets models you need an overall compound exercise (try squats and deadlifts* which give you unbelievable results).   

Since there is so many people recommending different foods we should or shouldn’t include in our diet we got some basic suggestions including protein powders, lean meat like kangaroo , chicken, turkey and fish. Also have as many vegetable because they are rich in fibre, vitamins, minerals and low in calories.

Finally, one of our biggest weakness to getting that bikini body is the “seafood diet” (we see food and we eat it). So we played the food replacement game to give us some alternative and healthy options…

Swap Big Mac Burger with Wholemeal Kangaroo Burger and Salad. Kangaroo is a great source of protein. It is always lean; high in iron and zine but most importantly it is low in fat content and very low in saturated fat.

Swap Mi Goreng with Slim Pasta. This is a healthy alternative with low calories and low carbohydrates.

Swap Sunday Ice Cream with WheyWhip ice cream. WheyWhip is a protein ice cream that is low in carbohydrates, 100% natural and no added sugars (free from artificial sugars, flavours & colors). It contains protein isolates so it is a perfect alternative for people losing weight and is available from KBoss in three flavours including chocolate, vanilla and strawberry.

Swap Mars Bar with a Milk Protein Bar. This white choc and caramel crunch has 20g of protein per serve and is a perfect high performance snack before physical activity.

Swap Red Bull with Verve. Verve is a powerful energy drink without the excessive caffeine and high sugar content.

So hopefully this interview with KBoss gives you some motivation to rethink your current health and fitness goals and to seek some professional assistance on a more personal level. And if you want quality products and some extra education feel free to contact the boys at KBoss. They are really friendly and approachable not to mention they are an honest business that wants to share their passion and knowledge with the rest of Perth.

You can contact or find them on the following links :


Please note images are provided and sourced from Facebook. 

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