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Saturday, 7 December 2013

Pure Glow Cleanse

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It’s no secret that juicing has a number of benefits and if you’re just getting started it can be a little confusing to get your head around everything. Before investing in a good juicer or you have a lack of time it might be ideal to try Pure Glow Cleanse which offers a 3-day cold-pressed juice cleanse to the Perth residence.

Pure Glow Cleanse is Perth-based, cold-pressed juices cleanse delivery business which is specifically designed to get you nourished, detoxed and glowing. The cleanse they offer consists of 18 juices, smoothies and nut milked to be consumed within the 3 days of detox. Additionally they incorporate yoga & goal-setting so that their cleansers are inspired to reach towards living their best lives during and post cleanse.

Bolushe Fashion Blogger has interviewed Pure Glow Cleanse for readers to get to know the delightful ladies behind this marvellous detox concept, Jacqueline Forth & Annette Gohl. 

BFB: How did you (Jacqueline & Annette) come together to build the idea of a 3-day Pure Glow Cleanse?

PGC: Pure Glow Cleanse was created in 2013….with the aim of getting the people of Perth nourished, detoxed, glowing and on the way to living their vest best, radiantly healthy lives! Both being green juice devotes, and tired of waiting for many years for the concept of deliciously healthy cold-pressed juice deliveries to hit WA, we decided to take matters (and kilos of local, organic kale!) into our own hands and Pure Glow Cleanse was born.

We actually met online and came together through our mutual love of wellbeing, juicing and the desire to help others feel the incredible benefits that we’ve both personally experienced through consuming cold-pressed juices.

BFB: What’s involved with the 3-day Pure Glow Cleanse? And how does it work? Any tips for getting the most out of the cleanse?

PGC: Very early in the morning on the first day, a special delivery of juices will be made (right to your doorstep)! Packed lovingly inside are 18 of our deliciously healthy cold-pressed juices as well as some extra fun treats which you’ll have to sign up to a cleanse to find out about!!

Each day 6 juices, smoothies and nut milks are consumed in order, the jars are labelled and numbered to make life easy, and away you go! Our dedicated Pure Glow Cleanse nutritionist, Angela Ferguson, recommends our juice cleanse as it gives the digestive system a rest, so it doesn’t have to spend so much time and energy breaking down foods and it can put this energy into detoxifying and healing instead.

There are loads of ideas for getting the most out of your cleanse, here are some of our most popular tips:
1) Cut down on coffee, alcohol, processed foods, meat & Diary a week before your cleanse. This will give your body the best chance to not have any withdrawal symptoms when you start your cleanse;
2) Drink as much water as you can to help flush out any toxins which are being released;
3) Book in for a massage, colonic, or full body scrub so that your body is able to further eliminate toxins to the best of its ability; and
4) Go easy on yourself! Taking part in a juice cleanse is a new experience for most people, you may have a few headaches and cravings, but this is totally normal and should pass quite quickly. As you continue to juice cleanse into the future, your body will get better & better at cleansing itself and the results you'll see will be well worth it!

BFB: People who order the 3-day Glow Cleanse receive 8 delicious juices and smoothies to their door (Overall there are 5 different formations. How did you come to choose these particular formulations and what can we expect from them?

PGC: We came up with the 6 combinations through lots of experimentation and research into the best juicing ingredients that would deliver a healthy, nourishing and glow-inducing experience for our cleansers. We have quite a few green juices in our mix, as they are particularly nutrient, vitamin & enzyme rich.

You can expect our juices, smoothies & nut milks to taste incredibly delicious, while also being SUPER good for you!
BFB: When people think of green juices we generally trend to put our “soy milk” faces on, what ingredients do you use that make the three days enjoyable taste wise?

PGC: Green juices are really delicious if done correctly! We are certain that our green smoothies & juices will convert even the most sceptical non-believer. Ingredients wise, lemon & tangy green apple are great to include with strong greens – and they are also both really good for alkalising the body to help you get your glow on.

BFB: How much does the 3 Day Cleanse cost? And how can people get started?
PGC: Head to to sign up to our mailing list and be the first to know when our prices are available, as well as details on how to take part! :)

BFB: Many of us are not familiar with the difference cold-pressed does for juices could you please explain the benefits?

PGC: Our nutritionist Angela Ferguson explains this one really well!
“Cold-pressing juices (as opposed to the standard home model centrifugal juices) is beneficial as it doesn’t use heat & slowly grinds the produce while minimising the introduction of oxygen. This means that the juice can last a full 72 hrs and retains3-5 times more nutrients than juices made with a centrifugal machine. It also ensures the nutrients (especially enzymes and heat sensitive vitamins - Vit C & some B’s) are preserved to have maximum uptake by the body when consumed.”
BFB: What are the difference and which one do you find has better health prospects, Smoothies v Juicing?

PGC: They both have wonderful benefits for your health, we recommend both as part of living your best life and getting glowing! Smoothies (without dairy) are wonderful as they contain loads of fibre which helps sweep out toxins. They're also really easy to whip up quickly and taste great! Cold-pressed juices take a little longer to make (unless you get us to make them for you!) and are an exceptional way to deliver high quality, easily absorbable nutrients to the body. The jury is out... we love them both! :)

BFB: What’s your favourite juice and why?

PGC: I love our Green Guru, it's the greenest juice of the bunch & I instantly feel healthier and more alive after drinking it. It's like my cells are singing with joy, and my tastebuds are pretty happy too!
BFB: What can we aspect form Pure Glow Cleanse in the future?

PGC: Lots of exciting things are planned, different cleanse options, community events, and lots more top secret ideas are on the go at the moment, make sure you're following us on Facebook (, Instagram (@pureglowcleanse) & signed up to our mailing list ( to keep up to date.

BFB: Clearly, you only deliver to particular areas in Perth but on Facebook you have received a large interest how can someone outside the boundary still get into the 3 Day Cleanse?

PGC: We are in the process of organising pick-up for our cleansers who are out of the delivery zone, or would prefer to collect their juices. Stay tuned for more information on this!

As a relatively new company this is only the beginning and there are a number of projects being brainstormed for the future, imagine 1 day cleanses, 5 day cleanses, yoga and juice days and loads more. This is why it is important you stay connected with Pure Glow Cleanse. If you are considering a healthy change this summer or you know someone that will why not head over to their page to find out more (Could be an awesome Christmas present).

Instagram: @pureglowcleanse

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