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Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Kerastase Initialiste

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As most of you know I spend a lot of my time modelling which requires me on occasions have my hair coloured (which I need to do asap), styled with heated tools and so forth. Depending on the shoot there are occasions whereby I have my hair is styled 4 times in 1 day which can be stressful for my hair causing it to become damaged. I am certain a lot of us can relate to this and since we tend to spend a lot of time on our hair we are all most likely in need of a hair product that offers maintenance and optimised hair follicle’s for growth. 
Because every one of us is so unique it is no surprise we all have different type of hair and scalp which requires specific products to maintain and promote healthy hair growth.  This is one of the main reasons I choose Kerastase hair care because it offers personalized, tailor-made product for all hair types which they are continuously improving each of their products to give maximum results. 
Now I just wanted to provide a quick review on one of the Kerastase products I have used for a couple of months now…  Kerastase Initialiste. 
You can purchase this product from a Jts Ladies and Mens Hairstylists  in store or online ( for $68.00 and is worth every penny.  This is because this particular product was formulated based on stem cell research and plant-based biotechnology to maintain and optimise the hair follicle’s regenerative functions, protecting your hair from stress. Not only has this product optimised my hair growth but it has strengthened my hair.  Now before using this magic product my hair would only grow approximately 2cm below my shoulders and today after using this twice a week my hair is almost down to my nipple. This is why I highly recommend this product, because it actually works and you can clearly see a difference an instant improvement after a week and in a month you will be more than satisfied.  You hair goes from dry and damaged to healthy, long and stronger to the root and judging by the number of complements by friends, my hair quality is visibly more vibrant and beautiful.
Picture: You judge it for yourself, but clearly from the images above you can see the difference in my hair looking far more healthier. 
Another factor I loved about the Initialiste is that it is easy to apply and unlike some leave-in products which leave your hair feeling oily this product does no such thing. You actually leave the bathroom feeling more confident that your hair does look like it should after you had a fresh wash, vibrant and fuller.  The method I used in application is that once I towel dry my hair I would than place 2 drops onto my scalp and gently massage it with my fingertips for approximately 20 second and just leave it in. Depending on the amount of hair you have you might apply more but I found 2 drops sufficient for my particular hair.
Personally this product I found worked beautifully on my hair and would recommend it to anyone who would want visible healthier and stronger hair.
If you have any questions or have any feedback please email me

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