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Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Product Review: Wilde Organics Elustorious Shea

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This month I have been using Wilde Organics E’Lustorious Shea, a raw unrefined shea butter and it I have a few things to say. First off, I have a huge body butter collection in my makeup draw (Christmas and birthday presents for the past 3 years). However, until using E’Lustorious Shea I clearly didn’t pay enough attention to the quality of butters because previously I wouldn’t care if it was $5 butter from Big W or a $30 butter from The Body Shop they were all the same to me and my daily decision was based on the smell. But no longer, E’Lustorious Shea is actually different  *Hint  to friends and family for future birthday and Christmas presents*.

Now before I go deeper into my use of this rare yet wonderful product I would just like to write about the interesting history of how to product has come about and what is actually contained. It all began when Emerson, from Wilde Organics was employed within the aviation industry and like a majority of us, he was frustrated paying top dollar for body lotions that were contained water and chemicals. With the desire to control dry skin she became motivated to create an organic performance concentrate which contain two ingredients, raw unrefined shea butter and organic extra virgin coconut oil.  Now both these ingredients contain high levels of nourishing Vitamins A, E and F making it beneficial for a number of skin conditions including eczema, rashes, dry skin, burns, scar prevention, dark spots, skin discoloration and the list can go on….. Handmade in Australia with a Thermomix this product is organic, chemical free and though it doesn’t have much of a fragrance you can sell a beautiful hint of coconut.
Emerson was so generous enough to send me a large body cream (150 ml) and a sample size (which I’ve kept in my handbag since).  First thing I automatically noticed was the packaging, the body cream was placed inside a beautiful brown paper box wrapped with white/red thread. I loved this, it is always good to know that if you did want to buy someone the perfect gift that can be directly sent to their mailbox. Yes, most products are wrapped but if you look at the picture below it does feel a little more personal than other products and it doesn’t stop there. The actual product itself is contained in a simple silver tin with a twist off lid. More products should be packaged like this because you don’t have to worry about the package breaking and spilling (I’ve learnt this from personal experience).
When applying the product at first I tested it on the back of my hand in order to feel the texture and determine how easily it spread my skin. It was quickly discovered that this product has a light texture that was not sticky or oily and only required a minimal amount to cover my hands, placing a little extra around my cuticles (which  I required maximum recovery). I did note that when massaging the butter into my skin it didn’t seem to dry out…my skin continued to feel soft and hydrated for hours without the skinny look which looks like you have been at the gym.
Even though I have been treating my dry areas especially my cuticles, additionally I have used this product to target other concerned areas. In particular, I used the sample size in my purse as lip balm. If you have ever experienced lipsticks drying out after an hour or two of use…then this is the product for you! You can’t compare this product to others because if you have noticed some lip balms have caused you lips to dry out after 3 or more hours E’lustorious Shea has kept my lips hydrated and looking great since use. Additionally I used it under my Napoleon lipstick to give additional gloss and to prevent my lips from having that dry crack look and it work perfectly without minimizing the wear and tear of lipstick.
 Furthermore, I used E’Lustorious on my legs especially after shaving since I always get a number of red tiny dots in areas the shaver made contact with my skin. Not only is it irritating to shave 1 or 2 days prior to an event to prevent looking like I have the chickenpox I found that since using the product I have minimized the number of red dots significantly, leaving my legs looking and smelling incrediable.
When reviewing it overall I highly recommend Wilde Organics E’Lustorious Shea because it is like no other product on the shelf at the moment that you would be satisfied.  From packaging to the actual quality of the product (especially because you can use it for multiple skin problems) it is a must have product. Did I forget to mention how well priced it is?
Yes Wilde Organics E’Lustorious 150ml is only $39.95 (Free Postage within Australia Promotion) and because the product is pure you don’t need to use as much as others, making it value for money. So now the more important question where you can purchase this product go to and make sure to like them on their other social networking sites for promotions and giveaways.

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