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Monday, 19 May 2014

Bird on a Wire Vintage Fashion High Tea

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With approximately 2 million children been exploited every year in the global commercial sex trade, I was more than honoured to be a guest blogger at The Bird on a Wire Vintage Fashion High Tea. The Colosoul Group had delivered a fashionable event filled with the latest trends, delicious treats and music, to raise awareness and money towards ending Child Sex Trafficking.

A cause which I am strongly passionate about, it was inspirational to see other creative use their voices to raise awareness about an industry which has become a global problem. A continues crisis that subjects children into sexual acts, with previous studies have shown children subjected to 2-30 clients per week; most of these acts are preformed unprotected (Cotter, 2009). Statistics demonstrates that many nations which have high numbers of child sex trafficking generally suffer poverty, unstable economics and a general result of turbulent politics, but this does not mean that it is not happening in our own backyard as it is a million dollar business. As one of the guest speakers from Child Wise said “where there is demand there is supply.”

 So as I joined in an extremely delicious traditional high tea filled with entertainment, Bird On aWire Author, Tricia Ray reminded me how fortunate we are to live in a society which allows us to use our voices freely. Tricia who hosted the event spoke so passionately about her aspiration for Bird on a Wire to bring awareness about sex trafficking of women nationwide.  By her use of illustrations, writing and singing that was beautifully displayed, Tricia gave a touching speech about how something that appears close to impossible can be achieved (using the example of how black slavery was eliminated).

Now hands down this event was like no other event I have attended on raising awareness about child sex trafficking, it was stylishly fun and tasteful. With Fremantle Hall filled with cute vintage decorations such as tea sets and soft flower arrangements it felt very Alice in Wonderland.  Regardless, that I sat at the wrong bloggers table I found myself sitting with two hilarious ladies which have now become my friends. With a glass of sparkling champagne for starters it did not take long to have a serve or three of Madame Flavour famous tea. Finding this a perfect environment to just sit down and not be judged for how many cupcakes I shove in my mouth….there would be no other way I could have imagined spending my Sunday.  With a sweets menu that included vanilla cupcakes, mud cake cupcakes, macaroons, scones with jam and cream, bliss balls and the list goes on….I had to skip dinner (not by choice but by lack of room).

The twist on this high tea in comparison to others was live entertainment, Tricia sang some tasteful songs she wrote and did a short reading of a children’s book she will be releasing soon (I seriously cannot wait to read it). With a guest speaker from Child Wise and vintage clothing stalls displayed in the hall, I got lost in time. But what is a Vintage Fashion High Tea without a runway show? Showcasing a number of vintage garments from Maisy’s Vintage Wardrobe, Mary Please Apparel, Bird On a Wire and The Vintage Delhi, there were a number items I wish I could have taken home. Every detail on the models looked the part from the bold hairstyles, detailed accessories and some extremely cute patterned fabrics.

Overall, the event from my perspective was a huge success and it is something I could do more regularly though my modelling career might not agree with eating so many sweets. However, at the end of the event I manage to get a lucky raffle ticket winning a 3 month gym membership and a few other goodies! It was extremely rewarding to be part of such an event where everyone was there for the same cause.

And for those who could not be there but would like to keep updated with further events or just want to find out more about how you could volunteer or just to raise awareness sign up with Bird on a Wire emailing system. No they do not bombard you with junk... rather the opposite.

Also below is a number of companies and business who helped to support the event (and please excuse me if I forgot someone) 

Bird on a Wire
Maiseys Vintage Wardrobe
Mary Please Apparel
The Vintage Detbi
Karmalicious Cakes
Kustom Cupcakes
Sweetly Baked
Madame Flavour
The Models, Hairstylist, Makeup Artist
All volunteers and organizers

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