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Thursday, 3 July 2014

Interview: Jessica Bartlett Design

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Bolushe Fashion Blogger had the pleasure to speak with up and coming Melbourne based designer, Jessica Bartlett from Jessica Bartlett Designs. Designing handmade resin accessories which are truly individual it won’t be long till every girl has one design in their accessory cage.

So here is a little Q & A with Jessica:
BFB: Your name.JB: Jessica Bartlett
BFB: Little about yourself.JB: Originally from Gippsland, I moved to Melbourne to further my career as an Events and Business Development Guru. My spare time, when I have it,  is spent enjoy spending time in local cafes and restaurants with my friends and my partner, then checking out the beautiful street art and little boutiques Melbourne has to offer.
BFB: about your brand.JB: Jessica Bartlett Design is handmade resin accessories. I design and make all my own resin jewellery, this way I can ensure that my jewellery is unique and different. My brand is all about producing good quality and unique jewellery.
BFB: How long have you been designing for and how did you get started?
JB: I am an up and coming designer, launching in April 2014 and selling via Facebook and local market stalls in Victoria. I have always had a mad passion for fashion and after 5 years of working in the corporate service section of a law firm, I finally followed my passion for marketing in the fashion industry and started studying at the Melbourne Fashion Institute. 
BFB: Your designs are made resin jewellery, could you briefly explain resin and the process involved?
JB: For my jewellery I use liquid based resin, consisting of a two part epoxy, one being resin and the other a hardener. The creative part of the process is mixing colours into the liquid resin before adding the hardener and pouring it into silicon moulds. As you pour the resin mixture into the moulds it creates different patterns depending on what colours you have used, no two items will ever be the same because you can’t control the way the colours will move when being poured into the mould, which is why I really liked the idea of using resin so you won’t turn up to a party with 5 people wearing the same bangle.
BFB: What motivates your designs?                                                                  
JB: My designs are inspired by things that I see in everyday life, may it be from street art, to  a colour I see on a garment in a store. I also use trial and error, I love mixing colours and seeing what will come out of the moulds. I believe that exploring and trying new things sometimes result in the most beautiful masterpieces.  
BFB: What creative direction are you heading towards? What do you anticipate to be the future of Jessica Bartlett Designs?
JB: I hope that in the next 5 years you will be seeing my name on a bricks and mortar. It has been my dream for years to have my own store selling my designs, as well as other Australian Designers. I think it is important to have a goal to reach for and that is where I would like to work Jessica Bartlett Design towards. 
BFB: With the current market in Design…What advice would you give to others wanting to start out? Please share some light on some difficulties and the rewards?
JB: For others designer wanting to start out I say, just go for it. I think if you have a passion for what you do and truly believe you can succeed, you will. There is no problem with starting out small and working your way to the top, it makes your hard work worth it. I would also say research, research, research, there is no point going into an industry that you don’t understand or know what is already out there.
BFB: Where can you purchase your designs?
JB: Jessica Bartlett Designs can be bought online via Facebook or email, we also sell at local markets. Jessica Bartlett Designs can be bought online via Facebook or email, we also sell at local markets. Jessica Bartlett Designs is also stocked in Etre Belle a boutique store in Bairnsdale.

Short Questions 
BFB: Favourite Movie?JB:  Troy, I love the costumes and am obsessed with Greek mythology
BFB: Worst Song?JB: Just a Song About Ping Pong by Operator Please – it gets into your head and it’s there to stay
BFB: Best Date?JB: Lunch at the Domaine Chandon Winery in the Yarra Valley with my partner,  it’s such a beautiful place
BFB: Favourite Item in your Closet?JB: My Seed mohair loafers, I’m so in love
BFB: Biggest Fear?
JB: I don’t think I have a fear, maybe that could be my fear, not fearing anything: /

If you like the sound of unique and individual hand made resin accessories, head over to her page and check Jessica's designs out.

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