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Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Kerastase Masque Densite [Product Review]

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Someone once told me “hair is always thicker on the other side,” which people like me who have fine hair can relate and it is no surprise I love the Kerastase Densifique range for helping me fight against the common fine hair issues.  With this weather which forces me to hibernate inside with a cup of hot polish tea and some warm socks I have had the pleasure of trying the Kerastase Masque Densite .

The Kerastase Masque Densite is a leave-in hair mask which was designed to help restore moisture to your hair while giving it a light and smooth feeling. Just like the Kerastase Densifique Hair Density Programme I successfully trailed a while ago they formulated this mask with stemoxydine which mimics stem cells in the hair, promoting them to awaken dormant follicles (in non-hairdresser language, targets areas prone to hair loss and promotes growth). Additionally, they added hyaluronic acid in order to lock in moisture while provide resilience and volume to the hair, perfect for fine hair or just anyone who seeks some volume.

This deliciously smelt product which follows the same appearance as all the products within the Densifique range of a classic gold and rich style, giving you that feeling as if the salon has come to your home, it is a perfect product to give your hair some life. Not to mention I always love to have a good hair mask on standby for those days you are stuck inside and you have more time to give your hair some extra TLC. I personally recommend sharing this treatment with someone whether it be your mother, sister or partner. It is just a really nice treatment to share with another and enjoy a cup of tea or coffee.

Now the one thing I noticed and rather liked about this mask was the texture, it was light yet creamy. Unlike other mask that I've trailed and found are too oily for my hair and trend the drip. Applying this lightweight formula to my lengths and massaging it, I tend to pay special attention to my ends which can sometimes lack density and moisture. I personally never know how long I keep my treatment in my hair but it goes something like…. make a chia latte, paint nails, paint mothers nails and once my nails have completely dried I rinse my hair.  And then magically my hair is as good as new feeling balanced, strong and voluminous

By far this is my favorite hair mask mainly because it leaves my hair feeling and looking incredible with restored hairs and it shows no sign of oiliness (big plus). And though these are current results from using the product on my hair yesterday I am extremely excited to see the longer-term effect since using some of the products from the Densifique range which contain stemoxydine have had great long-term effects on my hair growth. 

Only $62 from Jts Ladies andMens Hairstylists it is an affordable weekly treatment especially if you have not got the time to get into the salon, it is as easy as applying and watching your favourite TV show.  

xxx Bolushe 

1 comment:

  1. The Kerastase Masque Densite is a leave-in hair mask which was designed to help restore moisture to your hair while giving it a light and ...


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