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Monday, 21 July 2014

Perfect Fake Tan in 3 Steps

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It maybe rainy in Perth but this cannot stop me from saying goodbye to my golden complexion, aka fake tan. Not only does it give you a slimmer illusion while lifting my confidence but it is a healthier method in obtaining some colour. With my new healthy routine of eating healthy and gym 4 times a week I have now discovered a new tradition on a Thursday/Friday afternoon, applying my Custom Tam.

Voted three times as Australia’s Best Fake Tan, Custom Tan uses the highest grade of organic tanning ingredients. Scientifically proven to dry faster, achieve a more natural deep colour, and last significantly longer than competitors. Becoming my most recommendable fake tan I wanted to share my top 3 steps to achieving a flawless fake tan.

1.Preparation: Like any good receipt it is vital to start with the preparation. Therefore, before applying any fake tan products you must ensure you have a flawless canvas by removal of any unwanted hairs (either wax or shave) and to have exfoliated skin. Removing unwanted hair prior to application ensures that you do not unintentionally remove any product later when grooming. Now when it comes to exfoliation to remove any deal skin cells and any product residue, there are a number of methods available including soups, scrubs and even mitts. I personally make my own exfoliating scrub with the use of crushed salt rocks and essential oils but I also use the Custom Tan Self-Tanning Removal Mitt. This mitt effectively removes any previous tan allowing me to get an ultimate smooth surface. And though sometimes it may look like your skin is prepared you will be surprised when you lift up the glove you can actually see your old tan on the mitt (yuck but something that can’t be ignored).

I always recommend showering after any shave/exfoliation prior to moving onto the next step. This allows me to double check that I have a clean canvas and that I have no product residue which could compromise the fake tan. And for people like me who trend to have irritable and sensitive skin from shaving or waxing I do this step the night before application of a tan but when there is lack of time I will slash cold water onto my skin to help my paws close (helps preventing irritation, if any).

2. Application: There are a variety of fake tan products available including spray, cream and moose, which I have trend to lean more towards using a moose (more control). When applying my fake tan I use the Custom Tan Blending Mitt to assist in achieving streak free results, like the professionals. By placing my Custom Tan moose onto the mitt I than use sweeping strokes on each area that requires colour. I have found sectioning particularly areas is more effective because once I completed applying the product I use a hair dryer to speed the drying process. I understand tanning yourself can be difficult and if you find yourself touching the tan unintentionally causing imperfections, sectioning maybe the way to go and of course having a fast drying tan always assist the process.

My experience using Custom Tan is that it takes minimal time in achieving that flawless golden glow and though it indicates that you can reapply after 4 hours to achieve a darker glow, there is no need to. After the first 2 hours of application I could not be more satisfied with my darker complexion. And the best part is that once you wash the tan off the colour stays, unlike other tans which looks great while processing but once you wash the residue off it is like you have washed the whole tan off :/

Wearing a black dress really helps after application because during the drying period you want to avoid marks from where the fabric has touched the product. For those of you who are in a rush to go out, the hair dryer is your friend.

And you are done… after completing these 3 steps you should have achieved a flawless golden tan lasting up to 7 days if maintained correct (*using Custom Tan). Now the only thing left is to purchasing a good tanning agent. As we don’t want to look like carrots, this is exactly why I recommend Custom Tan and personally have found this to be the most effective fake tan for my skin. Previously, been a beauty therapist I have to another weapon of choice but now since using my Custom Tan I would never go back.

If you would like to find out more about Custom Tan please feel free to browse their site and if you have any questions or concerns email them as they are super responsive and helpful.  xxx 

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