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Monday, 4 August 2014

Kerastase K Styling V.I.P Volume in Powder

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Recently, I’ve been testing a number of styling products for my hair and the latest one has to be my biggest addiction, the Kerastase K Styling V.I.P Volume in Powder.  This product takes your hair to new heights as it is specifically formulated to offer your hair a backcombed effect; with a prompt transformation results articulated from a unique horizontal diffusion that introduces fibre with volume and body from root to the tips.  They have enriched this product with a crystalline mineral powder and fixing polymer in order to create a long-lasting hold for your hair which I found maintained a volumed throughout the day, residue free (big plus).

Just like the majority of the iconic styling products from Kerastase this perfect daily product comes in an elegant purple spray bottle for easy application and it smells fantastic.  Applying on a dried hair you only need to apply this product around 10-15 cm from your roots to create a flawless backcomb effect.

Personally, I am in love with this product and it has become a regular to give my hair that extra bang. There are so many aspects of this product which make it a fantastic and must have styling product from easy application to flawlessly textured hair. Usually, I would use a powder-based texture product, though when comparing application the Kerastase Volume in Powder is easier and less messy to apply. No more residues in your hair or on your outfit which makes it convenient for when you have little to no time to style.

Personally the best aspect of this product is the effect it has on your hair. Makes my hairs feel plumped and fresh and that is why I take this product with me anywhere I go. When my hair feels flat I just apply product and it has an effect similar to a dry shampoo which is perfect for someone like me who has fine hairs it is perfect. 

Once my hair is completely styled I have applied Kerastase Laque Noire (extra strong hold) to give it that extra hold on those busy days. This is only because between going to work, catching taxi’s and heading to an event I barely have the time stop and check my hair, I need products which sustain their purpose, like these.

Now the more important question, where to buy this fabulous product? The same place I get all my products, JtsLadies and Mens Hairstylists. Not only do they offer great customer service but their prices are great (with regular discounts and promotions in store and online).

Have a fabulously stylish day! x

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