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Saturday, 23 August 2014

Wantable Box..... Actually wantable!

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Recently, I’ve seen a common trend of girls subscribing to monthly boxes and decided it was about time to see what this new craze was all about. After doing some research on boxes available (because there are a couple out there now) I contacted Wantable. I must say the selection process was easy because Wantable is a little different in comparison to other companies in which you get a selection of different boxes. In particular, makeup (full-sized & premium), accessories (personalised & on-trend) and intimates, I selected accessories because you can never have enough accessories.

Wantable provides their customer with handpicked, curated, boutique makeup, accessories and intimates in a monthly subscription. Different in comparison, their products are full size, and their subscriptions runs at $36/month, or you can purchase a single collection for $40 (perfect gift idea).

So how do they know what products to handpick? They focus on being a discovery platform as they make you take part in style quiz which they take into consideration for every piece or product they select. The process of receiving one of these boxes includes 3 steps:
1)What do you love? Answer a few short questions so they can match you with the perfect pieces.
2)Discover a new you. Receive four accessories pieces handpicked just for you by your in-house stylist.3)Keep what you love. Return what you don’t. They make simple and hassle free returns.

I personally enjoyed the first step cause you find yourself question what style you prefer such as classic, glam, love and so forth. Additionally, when you receive the awaited box you open it up to see a personalised sticker stating “, Packed especially for Julia Moroz.” Personally I loved this and when you are sick with the flue little gestures like this brighten your day.
I had received the following 4 items

 Noelle Ring (valued at $17.00)Sabrina Necklace (valued at $28.00)Kierstin Scarf (valued at $18.00)Leslee Scarf (valued at $24.00)

Overall I was extremely pleased with my box because they were all items I would wear especially the Kierstin scarf which is a soft peach/pink colour. I have already worn this scarf a number of times because it is so versatile and easy to match with a number of items such as boyfriend jeans or even a pretty floral dress.

My other favourite item in the box was the Sabrina Necklace which works perfectly with the Kierstin Scarf since it has a number of similar shades. It is a really interesting necklace because they used a number of different materials in making it; you have one side with looks rope like while the other is a plated fabric with centred bead work (light pink and blue beads). It is something you would wear to the Sunday markets it is so casual yet interesting to look at.

I also rather liked the Leslee Scarf which is a little different in comparison to other types of scarfs, there are no ends. Therefore, it is like a giant circle allowing it to be the perfect scarf to double up and wear casually with jeans and a t-shirt. The thing I liked most about this item was the lace; I have been obsessed with anything that has lace lately.

The last item I received with was my least favourite was the Noelle Ring. I was a little scared because it is a little more edgy then what I would usually wear. However, nothing is wrong with a little edge and the ring is rather comfortable to wear.

To find out more about Wantable head over to their page 


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